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Suncatching pieces to brighten your day and decor!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been sauced, now how do I hang?

We highly recommend a picture hanger which holds up to 50 lbs (although your piece doesn't weigh anywhere near that!) available at any home improvement store.

Is saucing outside okay?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not finishing pieces to withstand the 4 seasons. (Although we rarely see 4 seasons) 

The resin has been UV tested and as we use the HIGHEST quality product, it has very little yellowing after even 6 months of total sun exposure. 

However, we caution against placing your piece outside. The frames are not rain resistant and also the changing temperatures could crack your glass piece. 

is lighting available?

In addition to a stand , we are also testing options for lighting and intend to make this a possibility for the future. More info coming soon!